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chromatin landscape at DSB Gaelle legube

Research Interests

Our research aim is to understand the molecular mechanisms responsible for the maintenance of genome integrity. Our lab particularly focuses on DNA double strand break repair in the context of chromatin. Oour research is performed at the MCD unit within the CBI in Toulouse, France.


Congrats to Emile


June 2024

Congrats to Emile for his Medal that rewarded the "major French advances in biology"

Congrats Sarah for your PhD defense


December 2023

Congrats to Sarah Collins who passed her PhD viva with great sucess!

Welcome to Emile

Emile Al_Ghoul_small.jpg

January 2024

We wish to welcome Emile Al Ghoul who just joined our team as a post-doc!

DECLICS session in Carcassonne


December 2023

Members of our team went to Carcassone as part of the DECLICS sessions which favor discussions between researchers and High School students to interest them in the construction of knowledge.

Congrats to Ikrame for the ARC passerelle!

Ikrame Lazar.jpg

January 2024

Congrats to Ikrame who is the recipient of the "ARC passerelle" funding that aims to facilitate the integration of the most promising non-permanent cancer researchers in France in order for them to prepare for the "concours" to obtain a permanent research position.

Find out more on the ARC website or on an interview she gave to France Bleu.

Welcome to our new PhD students


November 2023

Welcome to Romane Carette, Léa Pradel and Jessica Frison!

Congrats to Florian! You're now a doctor!


December 2023

Congrats to Florian Saur who passed his PhD viva with great sucess!

Our article highlighted on the CNRS webpage


October 2023

Please find out more about our recent discoveries regarding the mechanism of DSB repair



October 2023

This article Nature shows that a novel chromatin compartment forms in response to DSB induction.


April 2022

This article in Nat Comm shows that upon excessive RNA:DNA hybrid accumulation, DNA synthesis is enhanced at DSBs, in a manner that depends on BLM and POLD3

DSB in active loci.JPG

June 2021

This review article in DNA repair discusses about the way DSBs occurring in actively transcribed loci are handled

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