Research Interests

Our research aim is to understand the molecular mechanisms responsible for the maintenance of genome integrity. Our lab particularly focuses on DNA double strand break repair in the context of chromatin.

CNRS silver mdeal.jpg

Gaëlle was just announced to have obtained the Silver Medal of the CNRS!

CNRS Silver Medal

February 2020

Gaëlle received the prize of "cancérologie" from the Simone et Cino Del Duca charity

Prize: "Del Duca"

November 2019

We spent our lab retreat in Brussels!

for more pictures to to the Gallery

Lab retreat

December 2019

gaelle legune coup d'elan.jpg

Gaëlle just received the prize "Coup d'élan" from the Bettencourt-Schueller charity.



Prize: Coup d'Elan

November 2019


m6A modififed R-loops.JPG

December, 2019

This News and views  in Nature Genetics discusses the recent discovery that R-loops can be m6A modified and the impact on genome stability.

secret life of chromosome.JPG

Chromosome loop upon DSB by Coline Arnould

September, 2019

This review in The Journal of Molecular Biology discusses the chromosome architecture, inter-chromosomal, and long-range contacts that take place following damage.

rDNA DSB repair.jpg

Ribosomal DNA repair by Aline Marnef

August, 2019

This paper published in Genes and Development deciphers the mechanisms of ribosomal DNA repair, and implicates the cohesin and HUSH complexes are well as nuclear envelope invaginations.

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