chromatin landscape at DSB

Research Interests

Our research aim is to understand the molecular mechanisms responsible for the maintenance of genome integrity. Our lab particularly focuses on DNA double strand break repair in the context of chromatin.


Prix Bettencourt

We are really proud that Coline Arnoud, a former PhD student of the team, received The Bettencourt Prize for Young Researcher. She has now joined the team of Nadav Ahituv at the university of california San Franscico (USA)


November 2021


Some of the members of the team participated to DECLICS at the Lycée Paul Sabatier in Carcassonne. DECLICS promotes discussions between the world of research with high school students

DECLICS Gaelle Legube.jpg

November 2021

Vincent Rocher PhD thesis defense

Vincent Rocher has successfully obtained his PhD in bioinformatics in our team 


November 2021

CNRS Medal Ceremony

The CNRS medal ceremony took place with a year delay.

Gaëlle was awarded the Silver medal.


October 2021


DSB in active loci.JPG

June 2021

This review article in DNA repair discusses about the way DSBs occurring in actively transcribed loci are handled


April 2021

This review article in Nature Cell Biology  discusses about the formation and function of  R-loops  that accumulate in cis to DSBs, especially those induced in transcriptionally active loci.

loop extrusion.JPG

February 2021

This paper shows that TADs are needed for the establishment of yH2AX domains in a cohesin-mediated loop extrusion manner. A news and views by Leonid Minry nicely summarizes this article.